Product Highlight
Antimo Anak
Alleviated the sign of influenza and reinforced the condition for the body in a resting manner
Pehacain Injection




PT Phapros Tbk. has been serving the society for more than four decades by providing quality pharmaceutical products from its plant at Simongan 131, Semarang. The root of the Company can be traced back to NV Pharmaceutical Processing Industries – better known as "Phapros"- that was established in 21 June 1954 as a part of the expansion of Oei Tiong Ham Concern (OTHC), the first Indonesian conglomerate then dominating sugar business and agro-industry.

In its business history, Phapros was acquired by the Government when all OTHC’s assets were nationalized and transferred to a holding company which is now known as PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (RNI). In 2003, RNI owned 53% Phapros’ shares and the remaining shares were owned by public.

As a quality-oriented pharmaceutical company, Phapros has been one of the first five companies in Indonesia awarded Certification of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) in 1990. Phapros’ high commitment toward the standard of best practices has been further demonstrated by the Certification of ISO 9001 in 1999 – which, in 2002 was then up-graded to Certification of ISO 9011 version 2000 – and Certification of ISO 14001 awarded in 2000.

At the end 2002, Phapros has produced 137 of pharmaceutical products, among them 124 are own-developed. In the mid of 2004, Phapros introduced its own-developed products belong to to Agro-Medicine – Agromed group of products.

To build strong basis for its business, Phapros’ management strives to implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG). More importantly, the management also strives to build highly competent personals through well-planned human resource development program, to bring Phapros into a prominent pharmaceutical company in the region, in the era of free trade.